Portable showers have revolutionised outdoor hygiene, providing a refreshing escape no matter where your adventures take you. From camping, surfing, motorbike riding, pet washing to road trips, these compact shower units offer a convenient solution for staying clean and revitalised on the go. 

In this article, we will address some common questions about portable showers, hopefully giving you some ideas to make the most of this essential outdoor gear!

Let’s start with the obvious number 1: Are There Such Things as Portable Showers?

Absolutely! Portable showers are real and widely available in various styles and designs to suit your preferences. From basic gravity-fed models to sophisticated battery-powered options, you can find a diverse range of portable showers on the market.


Are Camp Showers Worth It?

It really depends…how much do you hate the sand, dirt and salt? For avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts, camp showers are undoubtedly worth the investment. Their ease of use and effectiveness in maintaining personal hygiene make them an indispensable addition to your camping gear.

How Does a Camp Shower Work?

Camp showers utilise different mechanisms such as gravity-fed, pump-action, or battery-powered systems. Gravity-fed showers rely on the natural force of gravity for water flow, pump-action showers use a manual pump for pressure, while battery-powered showers have built-in pumps and rechargeable batteries for a consistent water supply.

How Do You Fill a Portable Shower?

Filling a portable shower is a simple process. For gravity-fed showers, fill the water reservoir and hang it from an elevated spot. Pump-action showers require immersion in a water source and using the built-in pump for water pressure. Battery-powered showers typically come with an area to pour the water at the top of the unit, sometimes these rechargeable showers even have a water heating feature for added comfort.

What is the Best Shower Option for Camping?

The best shower option for camping varies based on individual preferences and budget. Gravity-fed showers offer simplicity and cost-effectiveness, while battery-powered showers provide added convenience with pressurized water flow. The Rinsekit Pro Portable Shower is our recommended choice for those seeking a rechargeable and easy to use showering experience.

How to Build a Camp Shower? Or even better…How to Build a Portable Outdoor Shower? 

If you love DIY projects, building a portable outdoor shower can be a rewarding experience. Create a simple gravity-fed shower using a large water container, hose, and showerhead attachment. Alternatively, explore ready-made DIY kits with all the necessary components for hassle-free assembly. For a basic gravity-fed camp shower, you'll need a water container, hose, showerhead attachment, and a way to elevate the container for gravity to do its job.

How Do You Use a 12V Camp Shower?

Using a 12V camp shower really depends on the make and model. Most basic models require you to connect the unit to your vehicle's 12V power outlet, immerse the shower pump in a water source, and switch it on. The pump will provide a steady flow of water, offering you a mobile wash wherever you are. Other 12V shower options allow you to charge your portable shower unit, and use wherever you please!

What is the Best Tankless Shower for Camping?

For camping enthusiasts seeking a tankless shower option, we recommend checking out the Rinsekit Pro Portable Shower. With its 13-liter capacity and battery powered operation, this versatile shower ensures a satisfying and pressurized flow for 7-20 minutes depending on your spray preference. Find the Rinsekit Pro Portable Shower at https://www.wavetrails.com.au/products/13-litres-rinsekit-pro-portable-shower


How Does a Rinsekit Work?

Rinsekit operates on a unique battery powered system. One full charge via 12V plug or wall outlet will typically keep you going for 3-5 months. Simply fill the reservoir with water, switch the unit on, and enjoy a continuous flow for 7-20 minutes (depending on your chosen spray setting).. This versatility makes Rinsekit an excellent choice for camping, outdoor activities, and cleaning gear or pets.

Rinse Kit Portable Shower Australia

All in all, portable showers offer a simple and effective way to stay fresh and clean during your outdoor missions. With diverse options available, from battery powered units like the Rinsekit Pro Portable Shower to various DIY possibilities, finding the perfect fit for your adventures has never been easier.