When you're gearing up for incredible coastal experiences like surfing, camping, or motorbike riding, having the perfect portable camping shower can take your adventure to the next level. But hey, finding the ultimate portable shower that matches your coastal vibe requires careful consideration. Fear not, my fellow sand, dirt or salt hater! In this guide, we'll list out five essential factors to consider when selecting a portable shower. Let’s go.

Portable Camp Shower

  • Water Capacity and Flow Rate:
    • Imagine those salty surf sessions and sandy camping days—consider water capacity and water flow rate accordingly. Can the water flow be adjusted? How long will the shower run for in comparison to the litres it can hold?
    • Seek out showers with ample water capacity (we recommend 4 litres as a bare minimum)
    • Look for adjustable flow settings to customise the water pressure
  • Portability and Weight:
    • Opt for lightweight materials and compact designs that seamlessly fit into vehicle
    • Some showers even come with clever carrying cases or handles for convenient mobility. Consider whether this is important to you. If it has a larger water capacity…make sure it has some solid handles so you can move it around.
  • Power Source:
    • There are a few options when it comes to how water pressure is actually generated
    • Battery-operated showers are the lifeblood of convenience, offering rechargeable power for endless showers. Some brands are considered 12V showers, where you can plug and charge the unit directly from your car. There are also units where you need to have the shower plugged into the 12V car charger to be able to use them. Consider whether a rechargeable camp shower, or 12V shower plug in option is right for you.
    • Solar-powered showers harness the coastal sun to provide sustainable, warm showers wherever you are
    • Manual foot pumps add an eco-friendly twist, letting you generate power with human power.
  • Durability and Construction:
    • The coastal environment demands tough gear, and your portable shower is no exception.
    • Seek out showers crafted from rugged materials ready to withstand sand, salt, and sea spray.
    • Sturdy plastics, reinforced seams, and corrosion-resistant components are the beach warriors of durability.
    • Easy cleaning and maintenance ensure your portable shower unit stays fresh and ready for every sandy adventure.
  • Additional Features and Accessories:
    • Check for adjustable nozzles, this can help you customise whatever you are cleaning
    • Battery powered/ Rechargeable portable shower units often provide things like USB charging ports, assess whether this is important to you

Choosing the ideal portable shower for your coastal adventures is the key to enhancing your coastal missions. With these essential considerations in mind, hopefully it's given you some things to consider when making a purchase. 

If you are looking for a battery powered, rechargeable portable shower in Australia. Feel free to check out the RinseKit Pro and hit us back with any questions you have. Just tap the image below.

 Portable 12V Shower